FAIL   2009-11-12 00:00:00

No driving license for me.

Despite doing my manoeuvres perfectly, and only picking up 6 faults (no two of the same thing), I apparently pulled out in front of a vehicle on a mini roundabout. Call me a sore loser, but I am somewhat suspicious; this is a mistake I haven't made for months, it seemingly wasn't bad enough to warrant the examiner using the controls (or, indeed, uttering a word at the time), and supposedly it was a large, bright yellow lorry.

According to the DVLA's website, I now can't get another test until January; I tried phoning up to see if there were any cancellations coming up, but apparently their payment systems were down. Not that the brevity of response stopped them keeping me on hold for fifteen minutes. Their entire online booking system was down when I first tried to book today's test - a poor show indeed...

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1 Stu   2009-11-15 15:10:25

Silly DVLA! Sounds like someone was 'fixing' their fail rate.

Perhaps it was divine intervention, or a future-superhero giving the examiner delusions in order to prevent you being involved in an awful crash with a drunk driver next week. Thus parting from the timeline where you become the bescarred and bitter super-villan causing a global economic crisis to make all the car companies... to go.. bust... hang on. I think I 've become sidetracked...

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