Almost like a real CMS   2009-12-20 12:29:38

Now with tags, Atom feeds, finer-grained timestamps, and code that still sucks!

I sometimes wonder why I don't just switch to something like Wordpress or Typo and be done with it... then I remember that this site gives me a great outlet for a little light programming on those occasions when I can be bothered, and in between said occasions, I really don't care.

Anyway, after recent developments, I can now tag my posts, and view the actual time they were posted as well as the date. Coupled with a new Atom feed (which validates, of course), I now lag behind the blogosphere's state-of-the-art by two fewer features. Besides being totally awesome (if a couple of years late), these things are supposed to encourage me to blog more... well, we'll see. :)

Tags: fail, tags, atom, feed


1 Phil   2009-12-20 12:41:17

In fact, now that I have times as well as dates on my entries, I might even start blogging (drumroll please) more than once a day! Twitter, eat your heart out.

2 Stu   2009-12-21 21:43:57

Impossible! Quantity can only be traded with quality. If you want more you'll have to say less, like by trunc

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