Deconstructing the No Campaign's nonsense   2011-05-04 20:03:18

Apparently, I should vote "no" to adopting the Alternative Vote system tomorrow, but I can't say I find the arguments very compelling. In fact, I think they're downright stupid.

I recently received a leaflet from the No Campaign listing a set of reasons for saying "NO to AV". Not "YES to FPTP", but definitely "NO to AV". I will repeat these points here, with their original emphasis, interspersed with my own thoughts on the matter. Apparently, I should vote "no" because:



1 Stu   2011-05-04 20:25:03

The "No to AV" campaign lost my even vague interest when they lead with the implication that most people were too stupid to fill in more than one box. Way to flatter your audience.

2 Stavron   2011-05-26 13:29:41

Ah, cool, I was looking for a map like that! Or even better, one that coloured in the countries by voting system - not that land-mass is a great measure of the importance of a country's voting choice, but the No campaign put one out which coloured the countries that use exactly the proposed system in one colour, and everywhere else in another. The fact that large areas of the world don't even have multi-party democracy is, of course, irrelevant...

Too late now, of course - the fools all voted to keep the broken system we have now, probably out of fear of change. My own (un)favourite bit of No campaigning was this utterly incomprehensible cartoon on a Tory leaflet:

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