Fixing my HDD with a Raspberry Pi   2014-01-05 18:32:17

This is easily the nerdiest thing I have done outside work in quite a while, but it worked, and has saved me a lot of pain. Also, first blog post in over a year, woo!

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Department for Education security balls-up   2012-06-28 20:12:13

On the Department for Education website, it is possible - through no fault of your own - to end up logged in as someone else. When this happens, it is possible to see people's account details, including passwords, in the clear. Pics or it didn't happen, you say? Read on...

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Different platform is different :(   2012-05-03 20:58:18

For a while now, I have been looking into various ways and means of developing cross-platform games, and have come to the conclusion that they all suck. With the current state of the art, it would appear that the best one can do is pick the best of a bad bunch.

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Introducing Pushy II   2011-09-20 22:29:21

I finished (re)making a game! Woo, and quite possibly yay! I also have vague plans to do OTHER STUFF.

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Deconstructing the No Campaign's nonsense   2011-05-04 20:03:18

Apparently, I should vote "no" to adopting the Alternative Vote system tomorrow, but I can't say I find the arguments very compelling. In fact, I think they're downright stupid.

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Warning: C# is not C++   2010-07-15 00:19:22

I just spent the last two or three hours learning an important lesson about classes, structs, POD types & argument passing in C#. They have some nasty fundamental differences from their C++ counterparts, and the language is not to be approached on the assumption that "hey, I know object orientation, what can possibly go wrong?"

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Log of IRC conversation with CoApp project founders   2010-04-09 21:32:45

Microsoft making a Linux-style package manager for Windows, and promising to make building of cross-platform software simpler? Crazy - but maybe, just crazy enough to work...

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Just joined Facebook   2010-01-28 19:45:29

I feel so unclean.

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ENOUGH STUPID TODAY. kthxbye   2009-12-21 20:19:53

Mood: Daft Punk - Too Long

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Almost like a real CMS   2009-12-20 12:29:38

Now with tags, Atom feeds, finer-grained timestamps, and code that still sucks!

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